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Full False Treads

Solid Full False Stair Treads
Available In Many Hardwood Types, Sizes and Nose Options

The Replacement Tread Cap Is One Of Our Top Selling Custom Made Products:

The full false stair tread cover allows the DIY’er to accomplish the look they long for without doing a total staircase tear out. This is a great solution for those beat up basement stairs or for any stairs that you wish to re-tread.

Our full false stair tread is designed to go over an existing tread ( it’s actually a ‘Solid Cap Tread’ ). So this product is the perfect solution for renovation jobs.

False Stair Tread Manufacturing Spec’s:

The body of our replacement stair treads is a full 3/4 inches thick. Not the thin 1/2 inch false treads that are being sold on the market. As well, the nose is a full 1-1/16 inch thick. The full 3/4 inch body makes for a more solid and long lasting stair tread. For that reason, these full false stair treads will with stand the stress of everyday use. Our false stair treads are made from 4-7 pieces of solid hardwood lumber. We edge glue the pieces together so this wards against cupping or wrapping.
As a result, our false stair treads are manufactured to meet and exceed industry standards and stand the test of time. Please do not confuse these with veneer top or press wood core. Knowing what to look for, helps you receive a quality product.


All pricing is for Select & Better Natural Grade for Red Oak and Birch. If you choose Clear grade for Red Oak and Birch there is a very small up-charge. Please discuss with our sales team.

Key Bullnose Specs:

Our tread caps all have “full one piece solid bullnose that is approx. 2-1/4 inches wide”. Why is this so important you ask? By incorporating the bullnose into the the body of the tread itself, means the bullnose of the false stair treads will be fully supported by your base sub-tread. Thus the nose on our tread caps will never / ever rip or tear off. We do not just slapped a bullnose front on the very end of our 3/4” tread body. This ensures it will never / ever come loose or unattached over time. THIS IS KEY!

Three (3) Bullnose Types: 1-1/16″ standard round bullnose, 1-1/16″ square bullnose with slight 1/8″ round over on top and bottom, 1-3/4″ oversized modern square bullnose with slight 1/4″ round over on top and bottom. Note: We can do round over or leave the nose full square, but we recommend against this as finish is prone to chipping or will wear off a full square sharp edge, ( either 1/8” or 1/4″ round over is recommended depending on product choice and required to warranty our spray booth finish ).

False Stair Tread Standard Sizing Spec’s:
Total Width = 10-1/4″
Total Length = 36″ – 72″
Bull Nose = 1-1/16″ H x 1-1/4″ W
Plowed Area = 3/4″ H x 9″ W

Custom Sizing Note:
We can make our false treads to almost any size you may need ( so, if you find that your run is more than 9″ or you need them 96″ long, this is no problem for us ).

Busting The Stair Tread Myth:

Many consumers are under false assumptions that a stair tread made from 4-7 pieces of hardwood lumber is not as good as a stair tread made of one solid piece of lumber. Actually, this is very, very far from the truth. A stair tread made from only 1-2 pcs. of hardwood lumber has very little strength. Its structural integrity against cupping or warping is low and fails to meet industry standards. Thus, we will not stock one piece stair treads and we don’t manufacture them!

Installing Full False Stair Treads:

Each stair tread needs trimming to fit the stair tread it is capping. So all the full false treads may end up to be a bit different in size when installed. This is similar to fitting a counter top to a wall. No two walls in your home are 100% true and neither is your staircase. We recommend PL Premium Glue. This is the best wood construction glue on the market for securing stair treads. PL Premium Glue comes in a caulking tube, so it is easy to dispense ( PL Premium can be found at any hardware store, it is in a black and gold caulking tube ). Typically most “do it yourselfer’s” will put down an ample amount of PL Premium Glue on each stringer and then 3 ea. 2 inch face nails in the back of the tread, towards the riser. Then simply apply pressure to the tread face and continue on!

Beware Of Full False Stair Tread Fakes:

With any high volume product in the market place, you must beware of poor quality fakes! Some companies sell flat stock lumber with a bull nose glued on the very front edge, which easily gets torn / ripped off. This is because that is the pressure point of where your foot meets the tread front.
Even worse ‘Big Box Stores’ like: Home Depot©, Home Hardware©, Lowes©, Kent Building Supplies© and Rona© are selling veneer false stair treads with a press wood or a styrofoam core. This is not a quality full tread cap and only offers the consumer a cheap, short lasting solution. Our full false treads are made to meet and exceed stair parts industry standards. We construct them to your fitting size and we make them to last!

We Manufacture To Fit Your Needs:

Do you need full false stair treads that are extra long; extra wide or made from an exotic hardwood ( like american cherry, jatoba or white oak )? If so, it is no problem at all for us! We can manufacture our full false stair treads ( full cap stair treads ) to meet your specifications.

Face Appearance Note – We Make Our Select & Better Grade False Stair Treads To Meet Your Job Site Needs:
“Select & Better Clear”: a uniform color match face… with little color changes.
“Select & Better Natural”: more color variations and color character in the treads face.
The grade of stair treads that you prefer to buy is usually based on which matches your flooring best ( natural grade is the #1 seller ).

We Both Unfinished & Prefinished Standard Stair Treads:

We can pre-finish your hardwood Standard stair treads and risers order in our professional spray booth finish shop, so your treads are ready to install the day you receive them. From a natural clear coat, to a custom stain match to your flooring, or 1 of 25 MinWax© colors, when it comes to prefinished stair treads we cover all the bases. Visit our spray booth finish page here for details.

Our solid modern false stair tread gives your staircase the appearance of having 1-3/4″ thick oversized stair treads installed. We simply offer this desired oversized look in the convenience of a replacement tread cap application ( so now you, the average consumer can install new treads yourself at a fraction of the cost of your local stair builder and get That professional install look ).

Prices Subject To Change, Our Full False Treads Are All Custom Made To Order Products & Pricing Is Solely Dependent On Current Raw Wood Prices From Our Mill Shops.
All Prepared Quotes Are Valid For A Full 15 Day Period!

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