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Hardwood Box Newel Posts

Our Box Newel Posts Are Individually Handcrafted In Our Very Own Custom Millwork Shop.

Our Hardwood Box Newel Post Collection offers many beautiful profiles. Each one will enhance the appearance of your staircase and compliment any architectural style.

Our Design

The design of our box newels allow you to combine them with our standard rail and baluster profiles. Consequently, custom box newels make it easy to create a quality, high end look most want for their home.

As well, box newels pair up nicely with our ornamental metal balusters. This provides a truly one-of-a-kind elegant design. You could even pair them with square wood balusters to create that simple/clean modern look.

We offer over 10 hardwood box newels: from the simple plain box newel, to the contemporary shaker / mission panel box newel. We can add chamfered edges, flute lines, and eased edges to all our box newel posts to create your specific appearance. Our large variety of styles allows you to transform your stairway into a beautiful piece of furniture, which reflects your style.

Manufacturing Notes:

First of all, our hardwood box newel manufacturing is 100% in house, providing us the best control in delivering a consistent quality product. As well, we proudly make all our box newel posts in Nova Scotia, Canada. Therefore our product is 100% Canadian made.

We custom manufacture our hardwood box newels to meet and exceed industry standards. Stair Parts Canada uses a solid box construction method for all our boxed newel posts. The outer hardwood face consists of a full 1″ thick piece of hardwood lumber. This is milled down to a finished size of 3/4″.

Why do we manufacture our box newels this way?

This is so you will not end up with 2 sides with edge grain and lamination lines. We want our product to be something you will love. With our box construction method your post shows four face grain fronts. Some edge grain is to be expected, but we want it to be very little. In our opinion, this achieves the best look. A quality look that all stair parts manufacturer should provide.

The construction of the interior core of our box newels is solid hardwood for the bottom 13″. As a result, our newel post has plenty of solid base for mounting.
For the top, we make a small portion of the top solid also. This allows the installer to fully glue down the post top cap ( please see base bottom note directly below ).

Base Bottom Note: All base bottom boots for our hardwood box newels require no assembly. We leave them loose as an individual piece, along with a two piece base boot trim kit, which we also supply. This helps in providing a better / stronger newel post install ( please see install note directly below ).
Note: Our base boot bottoms are a full 13″ in length, giving you that rich look that your staircase deserves.

Installing Hardwood Box Newels Note: Slide the loose base boot bottom onto the shaft of the newel and then shift it up approx. 4-5″. We recommend holding it in place temporarily with standard painters tape.

Next, you set the post and then screw it in place with one of our 1/2″ x 6″ newel mounts

( note: you can also counter sink some standard 3-1/2″ x #8 wood screws though the four bottom sides of the shaft, for some added strength ).

Now remove the tape and slide the base boot bottom down. Finally, finish the job off by trimming the top of the base boot with the two piece trim kit that was also supplied to you.

Box Newel Size Details

Note: The true shaft size of our box newels is how we set pricing and sell our products.

3-1/2 inch box newels specs: 3-1/2″ main shaft thickness, 5″ wide x 13″ high base, 5-1/2 inch top cap, 5 inch neck collar trim size.
4-1/2 inch box newels specs: 4-1/2″ main shaft thickness, 6″ wide x 13″ high base, 6-1/2 inch top cap, 6 inch neck collar trim size.
5-1/2 inch box newels specs: 5-1/2″ main shaft thickness, 7″ wide x 13″ high base, 7-1/2 inch top cap, 7 inch neck collar trim size.

Pricing Note: We sell our Half Box Newels at 60% of Full Box Newels Prices.

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