Canadian Made Solid Hardwood Stair Parts


Over the past few years, we have had a steady increase of customer concerns and questions relating to stair parts. So, we thought we would put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page  and give you our professional opinion ( remember this is solely an opinion based upon our staff’s professional values / views, and our many years of industry knowledge ). These are the questions we receive at Wood Stairs Canada:

Q: Are your stair parts from Canadian and/or North American stair manufactures ?

A: We are very proud to say that the majority of all our in stock stair parts and custom mill work is 100% Canadian Made ( we actually have our own in house mill work shop, so we are in 100% full quality control over many of the items we sell ) ( for stair parts we do not manufacture ourselves, we are aligned with the top manufactures in our industry so the quality is second to none ).

Q: I am a individual home owner, can I purchase metal balusters for my stairs from your company ?

A: YES… we sell all our stair parts direct to individual home owners.

Q: What tax rate do I pay, as I do not live in Nova Scotia ?

A: If you live in a HST province you pay your HST rate… If you live in a non-HST province you pay the 5% GST only.

Q: Can you ship stair parts to Toronto, Ontario ?

A: YES… we can ship our hardwood stair parts right to your home or to your place of business, Canada wide.

Q: What do you mean when you say "the plowed out area" when dealing with your full false stair treads ?

A: The plowed out area is your true RUN size. The size of your stair tread after the bull nose over hang has be cut off flush to meet the face of the riser.

Q: How long are your metal balusters... and can they be cut down in length ?

A: Our metal balusters are all 43″ – 44″ long and YES they can be cut down from the bottom square end, to meet the height requirements you need for your stair & railing job.

Q: How many balusters do I need on my railing that is not on the stairs ( the level run rail ) ?

A: We tell all buyers to allow for a stair baluster spacing of 3-1/2″ on all level run stair railings ( so you need 3 stair balusters per foot ).

Q: How many balusters do I need on my stair treads ?

A: On stair treads that are standard 10-1/2″ wide you need two balusters per tread ( on stair treads that are over 10-1/2″ wide you need 3 balusters per tread ).

Q: Can you stain my stair parts to match my hardwood flooring ?

A: YES… we have a our own custom spray shop and we offer spray booth finish is any stain color you wish ( note: we also do clear coat finish too ).

Q: I only need to buy stair parts from your company, do I have to pay up front ?

A: Yes, for retail customers we require 100% payment up front to proceed to the order stage ( you get the big discount / we get paid quickly ).

Q: Do you sell hardwood stair treads with a miter return on them ?

A: Yes, we have our own custom mill work shop so we can do single or double installed miter returns.

Q: Do you sell white pre-finished balusters ?

A: Yes, we have a large in stock selection of white pre-finished balusters.

Q: How far will you go to do a staircase & railing installation and does it cost to have you come do a quote ?

A1: Our stair builders will travel HRM wide, the Valley area and to the Chester area also.
A2: Site visits for the local Greater Halifax area are free. For site visits that are over 50kms from our location we charge a trip fee of $200.00, but we discount back $100.00 of this amount after you have made your deposit.

Q: What deposit amount do you need for my new hardwood stair installation job ?

A1: For local hardwood stair installation of stock product we require a 50% deposit up front ( remaining 50% balance due upon completion ).
A2: For local hardwood stair installation of custom product we require a 70% deposit up front ( remaining 30% balance due upon completion ).
A3: For local hardwood stair installation of $7,500 in total cost or more, we require a 70% deposit up front ( remaining 30% balance due upon completion ).

Q: I am a local new home builder in Nova Scotia what is my discount and payment terms ?

A1: Qualified new home builders receive a 20% discount off our listed web site prices ( we may be able to do a bit better based on your package choice, so please do call us ).
A2: Qualified new home builders receive Terms Net 30 ( if you want to use your company credit card Terms Net 7 ).

Q: Do you warrant your product and your stair installs ?

A: YES… we offer a 1 year warranty on all products sold and on all stair installation jobs.

Q: I am the owner of a Home Hardware Store in New Brunswick, Canada... do you have a wholesale buyers program ?

A: YES… we have a great system in place for re-sellers like you and we already do business with many Home Hardware Stores ( please do contact us today to find out how our wholesale stair parts program can help you! ).

Q: I am the manager of Building Supply Store in Ontario what is my discount and payment terms ?

A1: Qualified Building Supply Stores receive a 25% discount off our listed web site prices, please do call us ).
A2: If you are a member of the Home Hardware Group you receive Terms Net 30 with a issues PO ( or use your company credit card Terms Net 7 )
A3: Payment Terms are Net 0 for all customers located outside of Nova Scotia so you can simply use your company credit card.

Q: Should I buy my stair parts from discount stair parts and/or liquidators websites and companies ?

A: In our professional opinion, we would simply recommend that you shop around and you will most likely find what many other buyers find out. The fact is that our popular in-stock high quality stair parts are no more expensive then what you may find at many of the discount stair parts and/or liquidators companies and websites ( many times we even come in less costly ). So our advice is to email Scotia Stairs with your material list and let us quote your stairs and railings needs ( remember quotes are FREE ).