Canadian Made Solid Hardwood Stair Parts

Installing Stairs & Handrails

How To Install Stairs & Handrails

STEP 1: You Found The Right Supplier

So, you are thinking about renovating your existing stairs and railings to get a updated/fresh look? Good choice, a new solid hardwood stairs is one of the best return investments you can make, when it comes to putting money into your home. Installing band new stair treads that shine with that new home feel is very common in today’s home improvement market. You may even want to add new up-to-date newel post and balusters as well. Either way we are here to help you save money, get the best stair parts in Canada, and help you through out the entire quoting process!

We are Canada’s biggest stair parts supplier… when it comes to dealing with the retail home owner and small contractor direct, you have come to the right place. We ship our stair parts across the country to home owners and contractors, we deliver direct right to your home ). This saves you money, as you can buy direct from us and get the same discount wholesalers get from us.

STEP 2: Needs & Cost

You need to figure out what stair parts you need and how much money it will cost you to get your order delivered right to you home ( luckily this is our business mission ). our web site is a great tool to help you in this area and our staff is here to make sure you get the guidance you need throughout the quoting process.

We offer full line item detailed quotes… this means you get a total cost with no extras, no hidden fees, and no surprises. This cost includes shipping your stair parts right to your door. You may also want pre-finished the stair parts in clear coat or custom stain to match to your existing flooring. We have our own spray booth and full- time finisher, so we have you covered. Click here to view our: Spray Booth Finishing Page

STEP 3: Understanding & Getting A Accurate Material List

Here are some of the key facts that are a must for you to understand.

  • Always view your stairs from the bottom up.
  • If your handrail on the right looking up, then you have right hand miter return treads.
  • You always loss 1.5 inches of tread length per installed miter end.
  • The term “RUN” means the horizontal framing length ( also the same as the “riser- to-riser length measurement” ).
  • “RUN” determines tread width and how many balusters are needed per tread, for a miter return tread.
  • You need 2 balusters per tread if your RUN is 9″ or less ( 3 balusters per tread if RUN is more then 9″ ).
  • You need a 36″ and 41″ baluster per tread to carry the rail slope ( if you need 3 balusters a extra 41″ would have be trimmed down on site to approx. 38.5″ ).
  • Level run handrail code is min. 36″ high.
  • Balusters for “level run handrail” can be 36″ long for a residential home.
  • 41″ long balusters are needed for homes that have a upper hall wall over 10 feet high from lower floor.
  • Commercial code requires 42″ rail height min.
  • You need three ( 3 ) balusters for every foot of handrail that is on the level run.

Click here to view our: The Most Asked Stair and Railing Questions Page

STEP 4: Standard Stairs Treads -VS- False Stair Treads

When installing new “Standard Stairs Treads” you will have to totally remove all base structure, right down to the framing stringers. This is what we do on all our stair renovation jobs and new home stair jobs that we install ( we do not install false treads ). Click here to view our: Stair Treads Page

When installing new “Full False Stair Treads” you only have to cut off the existing bull nose overhang to be flush with the existing riser ( ie. cut nose off to be flush with the kick plate ). Thus, leaving all base structure in place, so a full tear out is not needed. These treads are designed to make new stair tread installs more easy for the the “Do-It-Your-Selfer”. Click here to view our: Full False Stair Treads Page

STEP 5: Understanding Miter Return Treads

For information on sizing for single miter return hardwood stair treads: click here to go to our detailed web page.

For information on sizing for double miter return hardwood stair treads: click here to go to our detailed web page.

STEP 6: Know That Many Online Resources Fall Short

If you are taking on the task yourself to install new stairs and railings there are many online resources which will help guide you along the right path. But be aware, many online videos and guides on stair treads and railing installation fall well short of our standards. Our advice to you is to call us and ask us!

Click Here to Visit the DIY Network Website as they have excellent install guides ( note: even their installation methods are a bit below our stair building standards ).

STEP 7: Call Or Email Us

Email seems to be a great way these days to start off the quoting process. If you want to get the ball rolling by a email, send us a material list of what you think you need, a few images of your stairs is good to send also, the hardwood type you are wanting, all sizing info., balusters and post profiles, if you want spray booth finish or not, and your full delivery address ( with postal or zip code ).

Please do call us if you want to speak to us in person, as information still gets passed faster by a simple one-on-one phone call ( we have a toll free phone number set up just for this reason ). Once again we will request for you to email us details mentioned above.

Please Note: we do not quote over the phone, we can give item cost to you, but we can not give shipping cost ( only ball park shipping cost ). We will not do a quote unless the customer emails us, as this starts the email dialog with you and us.