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Metal Balusters And Iron Spindles

We Stock The Most Popular Metal Balusters In The Stair Industry

This collection of metal balusters (aka iron spindles) will add impressive value to your home staircase. So, if you are thinking of adding a little flair to you home staircase or hand rail, then talk to Stair Parts Canada about the modern appeal of metal balusters.

Buy direct from Stair Parts Canada.

Our customers tell us of their experiences with other stair companies. They share their opinions of the metal balusters and iron spindles from Stair Parts Canada. Many times we hear that our products are more stylish than those available elsewhere. Hearing this we take pride, because this means our product line continues the tradition of staircases adding style to a home. Also, this means others believe as we do. That your perfect staircase begins with the finest materials.

Blend our metal balusters with the warmth of wood and the result is a custom look from a Canadian supply company. Available in many color choices. In addition, stock availability of our metal products is consistent. Therefore, we can make your dream of metal stair balusters come true. And we can do it at a great discount price.

When you shop direct with Stair Parts Canada, you deal with one of Canada’s leading stair baluster supply companies for wrought iron / metal balusters. We also ship direct to your door!

Current feedback from our customers show that these products are an amazing success. As a result, our new spindles are highly sought after. Many happy customers send us comments that they cannot believe how easy it is to order, and the great discounts we give.

Need a custom finish?

Not a problem! In addition to our in stock line of the two most popular finishes (Satin Black, and Oil Rubbed Copper), we can special order attractive finish options. If you prefer: matte black, antique bronze, grey black, and antique nickel, please let us know.

Our metal balusters are available with three shaft profiles

    • Square Shafts
    • Round Shafts
    • Geometric Shafts

Our metal balusters come with over 10 designer colors and even in matte and polished stainless steel. The spindle colors are:

      • designer white,
      • wrinkled black,
      • satin black,
      • gun metal grey,
      • pavestone,
      • burnt penny,
      • midnight copper,
      • urban bronze,
      • burnished copper, and
      • Stainless Steel

Please Note: Not all products available in 10 color options. For more details see our exclusive new, and dedicated Discount Metal Balusters Web Site at https://discountmetalbalusters.ca

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