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Recessed Panel Box Newels

Recessed Panel Box Newels For Stairs & Railings... One Of Our #1 Sellers. ( Ie. Shaker / Mission Profile Hardwood Box Post ).

Our Box Newel Post Are Individually Handcrafted In Our Very Own Custom Millwork Shop.

KEY NOTE: Recessed Panel Box Newels and Mission Panel Box Newels... The Same Post In One!
Yes, both these box newel panel post are basically the exact same in design. The only difference is that the recessed panel box newel has a fully dressed panel which is trimmed out with a small cove moulding. The mission panel box newel ( or also know as the Shaker Newel Post ) does not have this small inside cove trim on the panels... thus giving it a more simple / clean look ( ie. shaker design ).

Box Newel Size Details ( note: our box newels are sold based upon the true shaft size ):
  • 4-1/2 inch box newels specs: 6 inch base , 6-1/2 inch top cap , 6 inch neck collar trim size.
  • 5-1/2 inch box newels specs: 7 inch base , 7-1/2 inch top cap , 7 inch neck collar trim size.

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    See below for pricing on our recessed box newels. Note these are retail prices and you get a discount.

    Please visit our hardwood box newels categories link index to see other profiles that we offer.

    Product & Price Note: Mission Panel Box Newels ( ie. shaker panel post ) have the letter M in their product numbers. The Recessed Panel Box Newels ( trimmed out panel post ) have the letter R in their product numbers.

    See All Our Recessed Panel & Mission Panel Hardwood Box Newel Post Selections Below:

  • Recessed Panel Box Newels
    Product TypeProduct Number SizePrice
    Oakbnwl-45m4-1/2 x 48 ( 6in. base )$335.00
    Birchbnwl-46m4-1/2 x 48 ( 6in. base )$335.00
    Maplebnwl-47m4-1/2 x 48 ( 6in. base )$375.00
    Oakbnwl-45r4-1/2 x 48 ( 6in. base )$375.00
    Birchbnwl-46r4-1/2 x 48 ( 6in. base )$375.00
    Maplebnwl-47r4-1/2 x 48 ( 6in. base )$415.00
    Oakbnwl-50m5-1/2 x 48 ( 7in. base )$420.00
    Birchbnwl-51m5-1/2 x 48 ( 7in. base )$420.00
    Maplebnwl-52m5-1/2 x 48 ( 7in. base )$475.00
    Oakbnwl-50r5-1/2 x 48 ( 7in. base )$460.00
    Birchbnwl-51r5-1/2 x 48 ( 7in. base )$460.00
    Maplebnwl-52r5-1/2 x 48 ( 7in. base )$515.00

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