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Base Boots

Base Boots / Shoes For Metal Balusters ( Satin Black & Oil Rubbed Copper ):

Our metal baluster base boots ( shoes ) give that polished finished look to your stair railing job. Base boots come with a built in set screw, so they never wiggle or move out of place. This is a great feature as many people use a Swiffer duster wand, once ever week or two to dust the area around the metal baluster base boot areas.

Metal Baluster Base Boots
Product TypeProduct Number SizePrice
Base Boots - SBbal-m101/2 in.$2.50
Base Boots - SBbal-m119/16 in.$2.75
Slope Boots - SBbal-m131/2 in.$3.00
Slope Boots - SBbal-m149/16 in.$3.25
Adjustable Knuckle - SBbal-m151/2 x 2 in.$3.25
Adjustable Fluted Knuckle - SBbal-m161/2 x 6 in.$6.00
Base Boots - ORCbal-m10c1/2 in.$2.75
Base Boots - ORCbal-m11c9/16 in.$3.00
Slope Boots - ORCbal-m13c1/2 in.$3.50
Slope Boots - ORCbal-m14c9/16 in.$3.75
Adjustable Knuckle - ORCbal-m15c1/2 x 2 in.$3.75
Adjustable Fluted Knuckle - ORCbal-m16c1/2 x 6 in.$7.00
Metal Newel Base Kitbal-m121-3/16$20.00

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