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Single Miter Treads

Single Miter Return Stair Treads ( Left Miter -or- Right Miter )

Understanding Which Side Of The Stair Tread Is Mitered:
The biggest rule of thumb is to always view the staircase looking from the bottom up. So if your handrail is on the right hand side ( looking from the landing or first stair tread up the staircase ) then have a right hand open staircase. Thus, you need right miter stair treads!

Understanding The Sizing Of Single Miter Return Stair Treads:
It is very important to know that a installed miter return takes 1-1/2 inches away from the total length of the stair tread. A proper installed miter return is done by 45 degree cutting the stair treads front side edge that is needed to have the installed miter ( thus, the front bullnose itself is 100% untouched ). For Example: the fitting size of a 42 inch miter return tread is actually 40-1/2 inches. This means that if you want the tread to fit a opening of 41 inches or longer then you will have to buy a 48 inch miter return tread and then simply cut it down to the proper fitting size.

Understanding Our Single Miter Return Stair Tread Product Codes:
Single miter treads will either have a left miter return end installed or a right miter return end installed. The left hand miter stair treads are indicated by having the 'LM' in their product codes listed below. The right hand miter stair treads are indicated by having the 'RM' in their product codes listed below. Note: the left hand miter return stair treads are listed first in the below product list.

See All Our Single Miter Return Stair Treads Selections Below:

Single Miter Hardwood Stair Treads - 1-1/6 in. ( Thick ) x 10-1/2 in. ( Wide )
Product TypeProduct Number SizePrice
Oaktrdlm-136 in.$52.50
Oaktrdlm-242 in.$55.50
Oaktrdlm-348 in.$60.50
Oaktrdlm-454 in.$69.50
Oaktrdlm-560 in.$92.50
Oaktrdlm-672 in.$106.00
Birchtrdlm-1036 in.$51.50
Birchtrdlm-1142 in.$55.50
Birchtrdlm-1248 in.$60.50
Birchtrdlm-1354 in.$69.50
Birchtrdlm-1460 in.$92.50
Birchtrdlm-1572 in.$106.00
Mapletrdlm-2036 in.$64.50
Mapletrdlm-2142 in.$71.50
Mapletrdlm-2248 in.$78.50
Mapletrdlm-2354 in.$91.50
Mapletrdlm-2460 in.$107.00
Mapletrdlm-2572 in.$126.00
Jatobatrdlm-3036 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdlm-3142 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdlm-3248 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdlm-3354 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdlm-3460 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdlm-3572 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdlm-4036 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdlm-4142 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdlm-4248 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdlm-4354 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdlm-4460 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdlm-4572 in.$ Call For Price
Oaktrdrm-136 in.$52.50
Oaktrdrm-242 in.$55.50
Oaktrdrm-348 in.$60.50
Oaktrdrm-454 in.$69.50
Oaktrdrm-560 in.$92.50
Oaktrdrm-672 in.$106.00
Birchtrdrm-1036 in.$51.50
Birchtrdrm-1142 in.$55.50
Birchtrdrm-1248 in.$60.50
Birchtrdrm-1354 in.$69.50
Birchtrdrm-1460 in.$92.50
Birchtrdrm-1572 in.$106.00
Mapletrdrm-2036 in.$64.50
Mapletrdrm-2142 in.$71.50
Mapletrdrm-2248 in.$78.50
Mapletrdrm-2354 in.$91.50
Mapletrdrm-2460 in.$107.00
Mapletrdrm-2572 in.$126.00
Jatobatrdrm-3036 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdrm-3142 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdrm-3248 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdrm-3354 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdrm-3460 in.$ Call For Price
Jatobatrdrm-3572 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdrm-4036 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdrm-4142 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdrm-4248 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdrm-4354 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdrm-4460 in.$ Call For Price
Cherrytrdrm-4572 in.$ Call For Price

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